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Va Hvac Design Manual 2011

Geothermal HVAC actual monthly cost savings. We live in southern new england and built a green house. I can't isolate the energy costs from the geothermal unit specifically but I can tell you (granted we had a mild winter) that our total electricity costs for the last 1. That includes heat, a/c, radiant heat floor in the master bath, lights, dryer, dishwasher, fridge, etc. Our house is new construction and is 2. We have closed cell insulation, 5kw active solar panels on the roof, and a wood stove.

We also have all our duct work in conditioned space and an Econar geothermal ground sourced heat pump system. We also use lp fired tankless hot water heaters.

I had geothermal installed in a brand new house so I don't have the before costs. But I can tell you that my HVAC portion of my electric bill for the month of. Home Contact Terms Privacy.

We believe that the Econar system paid for itself immediately as, the cost differential between a traditional heating and a/c system vs. The 3. 0% tax credit we received covered that cost.

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Va Hvac Design Manual 2011

We have two 2. 50' wells which were drilled in a single day. There is no ugly compressor on the outside of the house and we love waving at the oil trucks as they drive by. We went with Econar as they are built in Minnesota and are designed to be heating systems that also cool.. Even last winter which was very cold, we never used the emergency back up heat. We use the woodstove only in the evenings after the sun goes down and on rainy days. Hp Driver Check Download Center Printer.

Typically this means the heat will come on in the morning only. The basement can be heated, but we don't as it maintains a temp of 6.

On sunny days both the downstairs and upstairs gain 4 degrees from the sun. We keep the temp upstairs at 6. I'm not fan of A/C but will turn it on if it gets close to 9.

Otherwise, our house which has casement windows that act like fins, captures all the breezes that go by and keep the house very comfortable in hot weather. When we do turn the A/C on though, it cools the house steadily and comfortably. A few things: the system likes a steady temp so set back thermostats are not a good idea. Also, we have our electric emergency back up on a manual switch.

If the temp varies too much (like with a setback thermostat) the system may automatically kick in the emergency power and you will lose your energy savings. We didn't order the desuperheater, but it came anyway so we are using it. It preheats the hot water before it hits the tankless hot water heater so it uses less gas. However we don't run the system just for hot water. So for 6 months (spring and fall) the system is essentially off.

The worst month we had was last January 2. This is less than half the cost of one tank of oil in our area. So we feel the savings overall have been quite substantial.

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