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Transfer Music Files From Iphone To Pc Without Itunes

Transfer Files from i. Pod to Computer and Vice Versa. Transfer Data among PC & Apple Devicesi. Transfer is specially designed to transfer all songs, movies, photographs, playlist and more among i.

Phone, i. Pad, i. Pod and PC. You can transfer media files among multiple devices, backup your i. Devices’ content to PC, transfer from PC to your devices, or copy i. Pod/i. Phone/i. Pad media files back to i.

Transfer Music Files From Iphone To Pc Without Itunes

Intelligently Transfer Music to iTunes. IMazing lets you transfer music, files, messages, apps and more from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer, Mac or PC. Manage and backup your iOS device simply.

Tunes to rebuild i. Tunes library in case the system is reinstalled or i. Tunes is lost. Convert Video/Audio for Apple Devices. Besides transferring media files, i. Transfer can also convert all pop video and audio formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MKV, MPG, MTS, RMVB, M4.

V, WMA, and more to i. Pod/i. Phone/i. Pad supported formats. And it fully supports i.

As anybody familiar with Apple products will know, music video (and pretty much everything else) is centered around the iTunes app, and if the Cupertino company had. Got an iPhone from a friend. Want to keep your friend’s songs and add some more from your computer?

Pad, i. Pod classic, i. Pod shuffle, i. Pod nano, i. Pod touch, i. Phone, i. Phone 3. G, i. Phone 3. GS, i. Phone 4. Easy to Use and Intelligent Operation. Following the user- friendly interface, you can easily get your work done in clicks. Furthermore, this i.

Pod transfer can automatically recognize the files that already exist in i. Tunes while transferring from i. Pod/i. Phone/i. Pad to i. Tunes so you can just transfer new files to i. Tunes. And you can choose Smart mode to transfer data to PC local with one click or Manual mode to edit, sort and then transfer special data manually.

System Requirements and Tech Specifications. Have a look at the system requirements and supported formats of i.

How to transfer music from PC to iPhone without iTunes? Step 1 Launch KiwiG PhonTunes on PC, tab Local Music on the left panel, you will find all your music resources. How do you transfer media files to iPhone 6 (Plus) from PC or Mac? This post lists several methods to move videos and music to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Transfer music, contacts, photos, messages, videos, notes and more files from iOS device to computer/Android phone/between iOS device and iTunes.

Transfer for Windows. System Requirements. Supported OSWindows 2.

XP/vista and Windows 7. Processor. 1GHz or above Intel or AMD CPUFree hard disk space. GB above. RAM5. 12. MB or above. References. Video. AVI, MP4, DAT, MPG, MPEG, NUT, H. NSV, VOB, MOV, FLV, MKV, TS, M2. TS, TP, TRP, DV, RM, RMVB, WMV, ASF, 3.

GP, 3. G2. Audio. WAV, APE, FLAC, M4. A, WMA, AAC, AC3, MKA, OGG, AIFF, RA, RAM MP3, MP2, MPADevicesi. Pod touch, i. Pod touch 3, i. Pod nano 5. G, i. Pod nano chromatic, i.

Pod classic, i. Pod shuffle, i. Pod shuffle 4. GB, i. Pod video, i. Phone 4, i.

Phone 3. G, i. Phone 3. G S, i. Tunes 1. 0, i.

Tunes 1. 0. 1, i. OS 4, i. OS 4. 2.

Transfer music from i. Phone to PC, PC to i.

Phonei. Pad, i. Pad 2, i. Pad 3, i. Pad 4, i. Pad mini, i. Pad mini 2, i. Pad mini 3, i. Pad mini 4, i. Pad Air, i. Pad Air 2, i. Adobe Music Studio Free Download Trial. Pad Pro (1. 2. 9 inch / 9.

Pod, nano (5th Gen), i. Pod mini, i. Pod shuffle, i. Pod classic, i. Pod touch, i. Pod touch 4, i. Pod touch 5, i.

Pod touch 6, i. Phone, i. Phone 3. G, i. Phone 3. GS, i. Phone 4, CDMA i.

Phone 4, i. Phone 5, i. Phone 5. S, i. Phone 5. C, i. Phone SE, i. Phone 6, i. Phone 6 Plus, i.

Phone 6. S, i. Phone 6. S Plus, i. Phone 7, i. Phone 7 Plus. i. OS 1.

Apowersoft Free Online i. Phone/i. Pad/i. Pod Transfer .

You may be puzzled by how to transfer your songs from i. Pad to PC for free when you accidentally delete your music collection on your computer. Apowersoft Free i. Phone/i. Pad Transfer is the best solution to transfer files from i.

Device to computer for backup. It is simple to operate yet multifunctional. Unlike other free i. Phone transfer tools, it is absolutely 1. These following cool features will explain why many users choose this hot, new, free online i. Phone/i. Pad transfer tool. Export files from i.

OS devices to i. Tunes/PCThe free i. Phone/i. Pad Transfer has the ability to backup a large number of media contents on i.

OS devices. The files contain music, video, TV shows, i. Books, photos, voice memos, i. Tunes U, podcasts, and many others.

Transfer files to computer: You can copy your important files from i. Phone/i. Pad to PC for backup by clicking the Export button. Backup files to i. Tunes: If you want to retrieve or recreate your i.

Tunes library, it helps you backup all your i. OS devices. This free i. Pad transfer allows you to import all your local files to your Apple i. OS device. Add files to i. Phone/i. Pad: Just click the Import button to sync your local songs, images, videos, books to i. Phone/i. Pad. Transfer files among i.

OS devices: You can share your media files with your family or friends by transferring them from your i. OS devices to others. Delete your unwanted ringtones, audio books, songs, videos, i. Books, voice memos, etc., reload and add new playlists for the media contents. An even bigger surprise is that it provides an internal ringtone maker.

You can create special ringtones for your i. Phone by choosing and cutting any audio source. Manage personal information on Apple i. OS devices. The free i.

Pad manager allows you to manage your personal information, including contacts, messages, bookmarks, calendar and notes. Click the Import or Export button to separately import/export your contacts, messages, notes, bookmarks, calendar in four formats . It allows you to install, uninstall and update the apps on your i. Phone/i. Pad directly.

And you can quickly find the one you want among a large number of applications by using its embedded search function. Easy- to- use yet powerful. You can get this free tool easily without any downloads or registrations. All you need to do is click the Launch Application button. It supports all i. OS devices, including i.

Pad 2, the new i. Pad, i. Phone 3. GS, i. Phone 4, i. Phone 4. S and i. Phone 5, etc. It provides three free built- in tools - MP3 player, Plist file editor, Ringtone maker.

The online i. Phone/i. Pad Transfer can transfer media files between i. OS devices and computer for free. It also allows you to manage your i. Pad, i. Phone as needed, including uninstalling apps, creating ringtones, deleting your unwanted photos, editing contacts, making a new playlist, and so on. Therefore, it is a free i.

Phone/i. Pad Manager as well. OS devices supportedi. Pad: i. Pad, i. Pad 2, the new i. Pad, i. Pad Mini, i. Pad Air, i. Pad Proi. Phone: i. Phone 4, i.

Phone 4. S, i. Phone 5, i. Phone 5s, i. Phone 6, i. Phone 6s, i. Phone 6 Plus, i.

Phone 6s Plus. OS supported. Windows OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 1.

Customer Testimonials. Fantastic! This online i.

OS manager is the best free alternative to i. Tunes that I have found. Now I can use it to transfer i.

Pad to PC for free without any effort. In particular, it allows me to create my own ringtone for my new i. Phone 5s freely.- -- Curitis from FRApowersoft Free Online i. Phone/i. Pad Transfer is great. It is free without any need to download and install. It is worth mentioning that this app permits me to free transfer files from i. Phone to PC without any restrictions.

It will be my top pick among all i. OS device managers.- -- Pamela from UK.

Transfer Files From i. Phone, i. Pad, i. Pod touch To PC Or Mac Effortlessly Without Using i. Tunes. As anybody familiar with Apple products will know, music video (and pretty much everything else) is centered around the i. Tunes app, and if the Cupertino company had it their way, that’s how it would stay.

The problem is though, it’s pretty much one way traffic, and although everything syncs smoothly in true Apple style, transferring content from an i. Phone, i. Pad or i. Pod touch onto a PC or Mac is not quite as simple.

In the overbearing vigilance against copyright infringement, what used to be a simple trip to My Computer or Finder can often turn into war and peace. Since the DRM was scrapped on the fruit company’s digital content in favor of vaguely traceable information on the downloader, it’s become a lot harder to extract certain files sitting on our devices. This assumption that everybody’s a pirate has helped third party applications which facilitate full device browsing and back and forth transfer.

Disk. Aid is a prime example of how things should be done, enabling just about any file to quite effortlessly be moved onto a PC or Mac for safekeeping. The app has just been updated to version 5, and brings with it a few key new features making i. Device management easier than ever.

The free version of Disk. Aid allows users to transfer unlimited files from i. OS to OS X or Windows, as well as explore the innards of Apple’s mobile operating system. The paid version, as you’d expect, steps it up a notch, allowing the transfer and backup of  SMS text messages, call history log, voicemail, voice memos, notes, contacts list, music, videos, and podcasts.

Whilst it could be argued that i. Tunes backs everything up in a rather simple manner, this method allows you to pick and choose which to keep and which you’d like to discard – giving you more freedom and general control. Despite allowing capacities of up to 6. GB of memory, i. Devices cannot natively used as mass storage devices – once again akin to the paranoid mindset that users will steal and distribute paid media.

Disk. Aid makes that space accessible to drag and drop any file of your choosing – the perfect excuse to ditch the rather exaggerated USB dongle. The full version costs $2. Phone, i. Pad and i. Pod touch file transfer utility.

Grab it now from the Digi. DNA website! You may also like to check out: (via i. Clarified)You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. Related Stories. Subscribe to our RSS Feed !

Transfer i. Pod to i. Tunes, copy i. Phone to PC and i. Pad to computer Copy. Trans Contacts gives you full control over your i.

Phone and i. Pad contacts, calendars, messages, notes and bookmarks. Manage and save i. Phone contacts. Back up i. Phone messages to PC Edit, export and import i.

Phone calendar Copy and manage i. Pod Touch notes from PC Organize and export i. Phone bookmarks. Transfer i.

Phone contacts to Outlook, Android etc. Copy. Trans Contacts for i. Phone, i. Pad and i.