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Secrets on How to Run Faster. Learn how to run faster. Increase your top running speed and maximize your running form efficiency. This guide is a MUST READ for serious sprinters. I haven’t seen anything else like this on the internet. This is stuff that I used to get myself to top races and take home some trophies.

They will help any sprinter to be more explosive and arrive at the finish line faster. Share these running secrets with your teammates and test them out for yourself.

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Begin shaving seconds off your sprint time now! Running a perfect race in your fastest possible time is much more complicated than you think. There’s the preparation, relaxation, plan, and execute. There are more steps than you think. Try this tips entirely in the format that I present them to you. Try them all completely and practice. Your running will change and your time will decrease.

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Not all people are natural- born runners. There are many that have horrible running mechanics.

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Unlearn these bad built- in habits and have someone watch your form from the side. Practice and you WILL be amazed!

Increase your breathing speed – Too many people think their problem is muscle endurance or muscle condition. In fact, if you find yourself tired but your muscles don’t feel tired, your problem might just be a low oxygen intake capacity. Many runners can’t run fast because they can’t breathe fast! Muscles are powered by energy; energy is pumped into your muscles from blood and oxygen.

Explosive running requires explosive breathing! Everyone exercises to increase their muscle performance but NOBODY ever works on improving their breathing ability! The workout: Spend some time each day, breathing FAST! IN- OUT- IN- OUT- IN- OUT- IN- OUT- IN- OUT!! And do it at a frantic pace!!!

Do it for 3. 0 seconds at a time for several sets. And then work up your way to 1 minute. Do some sets breathing in and out with your nose, and do some sets breathing in and out with your mouth. Huff and puff that chest quick! Breathe deep, but avoid holding your breath. You WILL feel like passing out and make sure you don’t hold your breath because you will pass out if you do. This exercise is good because you’re learning how to overload your body with oxygen.

This exercise will help you give your muscles all the oxygen it needs. Breath fast at the starting line – As you’re sitting on the blocks or waiting for the “ready, set, go!”, start breathing fast! Start huffing and puffing your chest like you’re already running. It’s like you’re tricking your body into already thinking that it’s in motion. Guess what, this trick will make you fly out of the blocks with a much quicker response time!

It works in more than one way. First off, the breathing noise will annoy the other runners and break their concentration, it might even make them turn their head and lose concentration as they look over to see who’s making the noise.

Second, this trick keeps you from not being so nervous. Third, it decreases your response time.

TRY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! CLAW THE GROUND – There are still too many runners that rely on the heel. You are running on the balls of your feet. Also, too many people are PUSHING the ground back as they run. You DO NOT push the ground, pushing the ground makes your feet spend too much time touching the ground. Instead, you must quickly brush the ground back as fast as you can.

Your feet will claw the ground back with your spikes just like a cat swipes at the air with its claws. Claw back, fast and hard! Clawing the ground ensures that your feet is spending minimal time in contact with the ground, and maximum time moving through the air and carrying your body. DON’T OVER- STRIDE – Here goes another common mistake. Mixcraft 5 Free Download Full Version Torrent read more. I’ve actually committed this many times myself before learning.

Usually, two runners will come up side by side and then begin to match each other stride for stride. What happens next is that the sprinters will then try to out- stride each other by taking longer steps forward to attempt to give themselves a longer- reach.

Trying to out- step the other runner will not give you an advantage! A faster turnover with slightly shorter strides WILL BEAT a slow turnover with longer strides any day! Keeping your strides at normal length ensure your most efficient use of energy! Too many people are constantly trying to out- stride the other runner during a race.

Whenever you over- stride, your lead foot goes in FRONT of you, and actually acts as a BRAKE.