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Glossary of cycling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The following terminology is used in cycling and cycle sport. Mountain bikea mountain bike with wheels that are approximately 2.

ISO 5. 84 mm (aka 6. B) rims. 2. 9er (bicycle)a mountain bike with wheels that are approximately 2. ISO 6. 22 mm (aka 7. C) rims. 3: 1 rulea UCI rule stating the length and the width of the bicycle tubes cannot exceed the ratio of 3: 1. Often found on Time trial bicycles. In stage races, an all- rounder is likely to place well in the General classification. Fausto Coppi, Eddy Merckx and Miguel Indurain were notable all- rounders; Bradley Wiggins, Alberto Contador, Vincenzo Nibali and Chris Froome are more contemporary examples.

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All- rounders are usually Team Leaders in both stage races and classics cycle races. The term all- rounder is also applied to a bicycle designed to function well for varied terrain and uses, unlike the typical bike today which is specifically designed for a narrow range of use and terrain. Alleycat race. A bicycle race typically organized by bicycle messengers or couriers. Alleycat races seek to replicate some of the duties that a working messenger might encounter during a typical day.

Pro Cycling Manager Season 2008 Crack

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The races usually consist of previously undisclosed checkpoints, which are listed on a manifest, that a racer will have to go to; once at the checkpoint the racer will have his/her manifest updated. First racer to return with a completed manifest wins. Alleycats were first formalized in Toronto, Canada in 1.

Recently, with the boom in urban cycling, many non- messengers have been participating in and organizing alleycat races. Not a pejorative term. Also called the Feu Rouge (red tail light) or Lanterne rouge.

Attack. To quickly accelerate while riding in a pack, or in smaller numbers, with a view to create a gap between yourself and other riders. Audax bicycle. A bicycle built for randonneuring and audax rides. Functionally in- between a road racing bike and a touring bike.

Usually equipped with fenders, dynamo- based lights and a small front or rear luggage rack. Free Music Download App For Samsung S3. Also known by the Italian term gruppetto. Not actually a real term.

The correct term is 'CROGGIE' (UK English), see pump. Used with drop bars on road bikes. Bicycle shaped object. Also department store bicycle or abbreviated as BSO, a cheaply produced but poor quality bicycle commonly sold in flat packs at big- box stores, mainstream stores and anywhere else but local bike shops.

A sprint is involved, and at the end of the sprint, the rider pushes his arms forward, stretches his back out, and attempts to move his bike as far forward as possible, getting to the finish line before his competitors. This is a more temporary condition than cracking or hitting the wall. Booties. Fabric shoe covers worn by cyclists to protect their feet from rain. May or may not include the spindle which connects the two arms, depending on the standard to which it was designed.

Brevet card(randonneuring) The card or booklet used for collecting stamps that certify that you have visited the controls on a brevet ride. Brick. A rider who is a slow climber but an efficient descender. This term often refers to when riders catch up with the main pack (or peloton) of riders or those who are leading the race. May also pick up riders unable to continue. Also called a SAG wagon.

Speeds higher than 6. Bunny hops are performed either to navigate course features, to perform tricks or to avoid obstacles, depending on the discipline of competition. Caravane. The team cars following behind the peloton in support of their racers. Also designates the publicity cars that precede. It consists only of cogs, with no ratcheting mechanism, as the ratcheting mechanism is in the freehub. Primarily caused by worn chainrings and rust on small chain rings, under high loads, and in dirty conditions. May be composed of one to three gears.

There may be none, one, or many chases at any given point in a race. Circle of death. The stage of the 1. Tour de France in the Pyrenees that included the cols: Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet and Aubisque, was named the . Now the hardest mountain stage in the Tour takes on this name. Classic A one- day race of great prestige. Some classics date back to the 1. Clincher. A type of tire that uses a bead around the edge of the tire to attach to the rim of the wheel when inflated.

The inner tube is separate.

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