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Pirates Bay Pc Game Downloads

PC piracy survey results: 3. PC gamers pirate. At some point in their lives, 9. PC gamers have pirated a game. Almost 2. 5 percent of PC gamers have pirated more than 5. Those are two statistics from an anonymous survey we put up on PC Gamer two weeks ago after publishing an investigation into piracy in 2. We hoped for a few thousand responses.

Pirates Bay Pc Game Downloads

We got 5. 0,7. 42, from PC gamers living in dozens of countries around the world. That’s a lot of data. Before we dig into the results, it’s important to note that this was an open survey, with nothing to stop the respondents from lying or taking it multiple times to skew the results. It’s possible some respondents answered in bad faith—and we have identified where the results skew in jokey ways—but given the size of our response pool, we believe the resulting answers paint a credible picture of piracy in 2. Whenever we look for existing data on PC piracy, what we find seems sketchy or poorly sourced. In 2. 01. 2, Ubisoft’s CEO famously said that 9.

PC gamers pirate. As we referenced in our piracy feature, marketing research company Tru Optik claimed 2. PC, mobile, consoles, etc.

Pirates Bay Pc Game Downloads

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There’s no way to know how many of those were PC games, but they are by far the most common game download available on The Pirate Bay. But now we have some data of our own, and it tells a believable story. From our results, it’s true that 9. PC gamers have pirated games at some point in their lives. Of the PC gamers who responded to our survey, 3.

Thank you for visiting YouGamers. It was our pleasure to bring you high quality PC gaming news and reviews from 2007 to 2013. The YouGamers website is now closed. Doom-CPY; The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game of The Year Edition-RELOADED; Deus Ex Mankind Divided FULL UNLOCKED-SG; Inside-CONSPIR4CY; No Mans Sky-CODEX. Download music, movies, games, software and much more. The Pirate Bay is the galaxy's most resilient BitTorrent site. Learn About Kids’ Games What are Kids’ Games? Kids’ games include any video game designed to be played by children. Such games are often, but need not.

How many PC gamers pirate? The simplest result from our survey is this number, a raw count of how many PC gamers currently download games without paying for them. Download Windows 7 All Edition Iso Torent.

Certainly not a small number, but a far cry from 9. As we learned from another question, services like Steam and GOG have had a big impact on piracy, much in the way i.

Tunes affected MP3 downloads. When games became as easy to buy as it was to pirate, many pirates started pulling out their wallets. Still, 3. 5 percent is a lot of PC gamers.

Let’s dig into whois pirating, and their reasons why. Who pirates PC games? We asked our survey respondents for three identifying characteristics: their age, their country of residence, and their approximate income. This chart shows the percentage of people who pirate within each age range.

As you might expect, younger respondents were the most likely to pirate, with that likelihood decreasing about five percent per age group between 1. More than 4. 0 percent of teenagers said they currently pirate games, while less than 1. The 6. 0+ age group skyrockets back up to 2. Only 7. 7 respondents out of 5. We also only got 7.

Quite a few said $1. Trolls, or very enterprising children who pirate games? Probably the former. With thousands of responses in each other age range, they should provide a much more accurate picture of who pirates games. This chart shows the percentage of pirates within income ranges. No big surprise here: the majority of pirates have the lowest annual income, at below $1. Almost 5. 0 percent of our respondents in this category pirate games, while half that number of gamers pirate if they make more than $2.

Again, you'll notice a suspicious rise in the piracy rate in the far- right bar, which is survey respondents who claimed to make more than $1. Only 5. 76 respondents chose this income bracket, and 4. We're skeptical there, but perhaps our wealthiest respondents prefer to spend their money on champagne instead of PC games. Because this answer wasn't required, about 4,0. Below is a chart breaking down where most of our responses came from. As you can see from the chart above, nearly half of our survey respondents lived in the US and the UK. Australia (the bright green wedge) and Canada made up another 1.

Germany, Sweden and Brazil each accounted for 2+ percent shares with more than 1,0. Some highlights from the piracy breakdown per country: Serbia and Romania had the highest piracy rates among our respondents at close to 7. Lithuania and Argentina were both over 6.

Russia, often cited as a country where pirating runs rampant, was right at the 5. In our report on the state of PC piracy we spoke to a pirate who lives in Bulgaria, who explained a new game on release day costs almost a third of a minimum wage earner's monthly income (imagine new games costing $4. US). Denmark and Norway, with piracy rates around 2. Europe. Those stark differences in piracy rate where income differs so drastically can't prove causation, but it sure looks like strong evidence to back up Overkill's claim.