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Icc T20 World Cup 2012 Official Theme Song Free Download

Icc T20 World Cup 2012 Official Theme Song Free Download

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Icc T20 World Cup 2012 Official Theme Song Free Download

When you either create an auto- hosted or a provider hosted app, Visual Studio automatically generates an ASP. NET Forms project for you. Do you really want an ASP. NET Forms project?

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Many web developers would say no! They would prefer ASP. NET MVC. Anyway each of this two models has his advantages and disadvantages. Discussing this in detail would be out of scope for this post. Personally I think ASP. NET MVC and Share.

Point Apps fit together really good. In this post I’m going to show step by step how to create an ASP. NET MVC based Share.

Point app. Create the Share. Point App. Create either an auto- hosted or provider hosted Share. Point 2. 01. 3 App. For this example I’ve chosen auto- hosted.

As development system I use a local Visual Studio with an Office 3. Visual Studio will generates the following solution structure for you.

Including a Share. Point App project and an ASP. NET Forms Web project. So let’s add an ASP. NET MVC (. NET 4. The Azure tenant currently supports only . NET 4. 0. In the Share.

Point App property windows choose the ASP. NET MVC project as that associated web project.

One of the most challenging tasks of app development is the authentication. To help you with this Microsoft added a Token Helper class to the auto- generated ASP. NET Forms project. We want use the Token Helper too, so let’s copy the Token. Helper. cs file to our ASP.

NET MVC project. If you want to, you can change the namespace of the Token. Helper. cs to fit the project default namespace. To be able to build the project you need to add some new references to the ASP. NET MVC project. Microsoft.

Identity. Model. Microsoft. Identity. Model. Extensions (if you don’t find the reference, copy the path from the ASP. NET Forms project and choose browse in reference dialog)System. Identity. Model. This is be able to build again. But it very likely that you also want to callback to Share. Point, so add the references for the Client.

OM. Microsoft. Share. Point. Client. Microsoft. Share. Point. Client. Runtime. You have to set the copy local property of all the above references to true. If we would forget this, Share. Point would not send a Context Token.

OAuth 2. 0 requires SSL. It is also useful to set the MVC project to “Don’t open page. Right click the folder and choose and add a new View: Add the following code to the view: Set the start page of our app to this view. To do this you have to switch to the code view of App. Manifest. xml. Now you can start the app for the first time.

Hit F5, trust and start the app. You have just created your first ASP. NET MVC based Share.

Point App. Note that during the first run Visual had added a Client Id and a Secret to the web. ASP. NET MVC project. When everything works as expected you can now delete the old ASP. NET Forms project. Add Share. Point Look and Feel to the App.

We are now going to add the Share. Coint chrome to our MVC site. Under Views- > Shared modify . In the background tha ASP. NET MVC project will automatically provisioned to Windows Azure. The app should now look like this: Wish you a lot fun with Share. Point Apps & ASP.

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