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I`M Back Like Cooked Crack Lyrics

ASAP ROCKY LYRICS - 1 Train? Do I give a flying duck.

If I'm applyin' love to my rhymin' plus alignin' us? Alabama's climbin' up, wait, no I don't give a. Flying duck, nothing but a buckshot, Ch, pow! Motherfuck your life, pussy blood clot. Ain't never been no rapper this cold since 2.

As Eminem's reputation grew, he was recruited by several rap groups; the first was the New Jacks. After they disbanded he joined Soul Intent, who released a single on. View the Kendrick Lamar BET Cypher lyrics and music video.

Pac was froze. And thawed out for spot date at a Coachella show, Yelawolf! You not this! Novice, regardless, heartless and awkward. Cryin' tears of vodka prima donna at the concert. Adonis smokin' chronic 'bout to vomit gin and tonic.

Official Site from Five For Fighting. Hey good looking What you got cooking I can see but I can’t find the light.

Just bein honest, tell me, isn't that ironic? King saw the king in me, so why can.

BICEPS, MUSCLE AND BRAWN Listened and checked OK. Why am I forgotten, by the girl I love, Because my clothes hang on me like a sack? I know I’m not athletic and. Who doesn't like a little bit of hardcore rap from time to time? XXL highlights 50 of the most violent lyrics we've come across throughout the years. Lyrics to 'Rap Poets' by Eminem. Analysis of lyrics 'Clampdown' was written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones. The song's lyrics, written by Joe Strummer, refers to the failures of capitalist society.

This post is due to an educational grant from The Raging Server. Blame him that I’m ripping on all of the FibroFakers(tm, ie: TAestP dont steal this). Lyrics to '1 Train' song by ASAP ROCKY: Feeling like a vigilante or a missionary Tell my A$AP killers get they pistols ready Send 'em to the. Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist.

Lil Wayne – White Girl Lyrics! I'm Mick Jagger as a young nigga. Woo, pourin' pink panther in the punch, nigga. Think faster than these dumb niggas.

We serial killers, you can get your Captain Crunch, nigga. Hey! It's Lil Wayne, nigga.

I`M Back Like Cooked Crack Lyrics

I been the shit since Lil Zane, nigga. Uh, tell the cops I ain't no name giver. Icicles on my fingers from cocaine blizzards. Ayyy, it's Lil Wayne, nigga. I'm in the building, bout to hang pictures.

Woo, I'm a ruler, it's a game of inches. Tryna make a mill.

I`M Back Like Cooked Crack Lyrics

And make a meal. In the same kitchen. Hey!! Cocaine Mulsanne. Blowin Backwoods while I switch lanes. Four clips, two thangs. Pardon me, I'm bout to switch chains. Bag full of rocks, I'mma rockstar.

By my first block I'mma block- star. I done owned everything on the road, nigga. Only thing I ain't drove is a cop car. Mr. All Black is back. And you know the flow hard, nigga - cooked crack. You mean the flow hard like cooked crack?

Damn right, cuz I used to cook crack. Aye, 4. 6 for the 2. See them hitters in that black van. Gold chains and a chopper like the A- Team.

Nowadays everybody got a plug, nigga. You know hoes say Julio. Only birds that your flippin' nigga.

Is the ones in the studio. James Hadley Chase Download Free Novel here. Designated driver, nigga. Damn right, boy, them units got a chauffeur. I can't sleep without it, nigga. Damn right, gotta chopper by the sofa. Look at me whippin', I'm confident/cocky.

If this was a category I would be Rocky. Say you lookin' for that comeback, look no further. Shit comin' back tan, that's that coco butter. Them 1. 0's, them 2. Lost a bag on the road, I was sick to my stomach. That Britney, that Iggy Azalea, I tell ya.

Intercepted the package, so I'll never mail ya.

Cassidy - Catch A Body Lyrics? You wasn't there when them shots banged. Them cats ratted on me when the cops came.

I'm a fuckin' G, I'll show you my discovery. For real, I ain't take a deal on my man. I took it to trial, and they squealed on my man.

Your career goin' downhill, I feel for you man. I been had skills man, chill, you a fan. I'm still ill man, and you still a f**k, corny. I think this nigga Meek Millz got a crush on me. I'm doin' me, I ain't worryin' 'bout your monkey a**It look like this nigga wearin' a monkey mask. You trash, don't get gassed with your flunky a**You lasted like a year or two, but your career through. You terrible, why the f**k would I be scared of you?

What the hell you tellin' Cass with your yellin' a**? My record five thousand and zero.

I ain't ever lost, I'mma boss, youse a weirdo. You tryna act like you a street nigga. But you weak nigga, you ain't Mike Knox or Black Dinero.

It's a lot of Philly niggas that be extra ill. But you just a silly nigga with a record deal. And you a ugly nigga tryna have sex appeal. You a rider, yeah? Get the f**k outta here. I'mma put you on the entre. It's f**ked up what you did to that nigga Lil' in Conway.

They was the same cats that came up with you. But you ain't break bread, so they don't f**k with you. You be rhymin' all the time like you bust pistols. But nigga you ain't got the heart to do it. Stop talkin' stupid, I ride out, you need starter fluid. I'm tryna keep the game alive, but it's hard to do it'Cause all these artists make garbage music.

That's why I only listen to myself and my artists' music. We got the hardest music, you so soft in your pillow bag. I go hard like a Brillo pad. Your Mom said I'm your Dad, I should be feelin' bad'Cause I missed your whole childhood, and that's really sad. She really mad that I don't deal with your silly ass. I did pop ya Mom, but you was not mine. Nah, I'm 'bout to call Maury on the hot line.

And get a DNA, 'cause you know what he'd say(You are not) the father, damn right. These chicks you be screwin' could ruin ya damn life. I got a whole lot of sons. But the only biological ones is the ones with my damn wife.

Life is a gamble, so you'd better role the damn dice. The right type of way or you've got a price to pay.

Aye, I stay wired, you already know. Higher than a helium balloon when you let it go. I drink a whole cup liquor, twist a whole dutch. Of that grape haze, I call it a Fruit Roll Up. You know what? I'm too damn good. So I'mma blow up like tryna microwave a canned good. Ya man good, I spray mine.

Since a kid, I was like Trayvon, walkin' in the damn 'hood. Now I spit new bars over old beats. My flow heat, I've got a hot head not cold feet. I roll leaf, get higher than a bloody nose seat. You so sweet, from Monday to Sunday you so weak.

I'm so street, you know you don't want no beef'Cause when I put them caps in your grill, it ain't gold teeth. I throw bullets like a QB, go deep'Cause when I blast rounds, it'll be your last downbe the last sound that you'll ever hear. Your blood'll be squirtin' everywhere. Ya dead, your head'll look like it was never there.

Yeah, all that tough talking'll get you a shut coffin. Yup, me and your main slut f**k often. I pick her up, and get my dick sucked, fuck talkin'And I stopped wearin' jewels, I don't wanna shine'Cause even in the summertime it be the fuck hawkin'I'm still ballin', 4. I've been the shit, you ain't 'bout that life, you ain't into this. Sit the bench, you can't ball on the injured list.

I'll end you career for free to be generous. I'm not a feminist, I get more chicks than Ellen Degeneres. But this d**k come with benefits. You been a bitch, nobody think you a thug'Cause done made plenty scenes in them skinny jeans.

I'll make you skinny dip in a pool of blood. When this Ruger slug blows your ass to smithereens. And you said you f**ked my girl, that's bullshit.

But me and my wife had a mnage with your bitch. The bull hit, and then I came on the whore's lips. Then sent her home, and you was kissin' the whore's lips. Let's get shit straight, I had my dick in that bitch face. So you should let 'em know how my dick tastes. Them corny bars you done said already.

You already know I heard it on the radio in February. You had to wait 8 months to respond back? Nigga, you ain't ready for combat, your rhymes wack. Yeah, I'm probably on the molly and some Cognac. But I'mma make Rick Ross rip up your contract. I'm too real, you ain't never had true skill.

I ain't broke, chill, man I'm still worth a few mill'You remind me of Sisq from Dru Hill.