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Download Urban Legends Ghost Stories South Africa

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Download Urban Legends Ghost Stories South Africa

Cheatbook your source for Cheats, Video game Cheat Codes and Game Hints, Walkthroughs, FAQ, Games Trainer, Games Guides, Secrets, cheatsbook. provides unlimited and fast file cloud storage that enables you to securely share and access files online. The Vanishing Hitchhiker (or variations such as the ghostly hitchhiker, the disappearing hitchhiker, the phantom hitchhiker or simply the hitchhiker) story is an.

Most Scary Urban Myths and Legends Around the World.

Vanishing hitchhiker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Vanishing Hitchhiker (or variations such as the ghostly hitchhiker, the disappearing hitchhiker, the phantom hitchhiker or simply the hitchhiker) story is an urban legend in which people traveling by vehicle meet with or are accompanied by a hitchhiker who subsequently vanishes without explanation, often from a moving vehicle. The popularity and endurance of the legend has helped it spread into popular culture. Public knowledge of the term expanded greatly with the 1. Jan Harold Brunvand's book The Vanishing Hitchhiker. One popular variant in Hawaii involves the goddess Pele, traveling the roads incognito and rewarding kind travelers. Other variants include hitchhikers who utter prophecies (typically of pending catastrophe or other evils) before vanishing.

Classifications. Stories where the hitch- hiker gives an address through which the motorist learns he has just given a lift to a ghost. Stories where the hitch- hiker is an old woman who prophesies disaster or the end of World War II; subsequent inquiries likewise reveal her to be deceased. Beardsley and Hankey felt that this indicated a local origin, which they dated to approximately 1.

B hitchhikers in this sample foretold disaster at the Century of Progress Exposition and another foresaw calamity . The strict topicality of these unsuccessful forecasts did not appear to thwart the appearance of further Version 'B' hitch- hikers, one of whom warned that Northerly Island, in Lake Michigan, would soon be submerged (this never happened). C. Stories where a girl is met at some place of entertainment, e. Stories where the hitch- hiker is later identified as a local divinity.

Beardsley and Hankey were particularly interested to note one instance (location: Kingston, New York, 1. Mother Cabrini, founder of the local Sacred Heart Orphanage, who was beatified for her work. The authors felt that this was a case of Version 'B' glimpsed in transition to Version 'D'. Beardsley and Hankey concluded that Version 'A' was closest to the original form of the story, containing the essential elements of the legend. Version 'B' and 'D', they believed, were localized variations, while 'C' was supposed to have started life as a separate ghost story which at some stage became conflated with the original vanishing hitchhiker story (Version 'A'). One of their conclusions certainly seems reflected in the continuation of vanishing hitchhiker stories: The hitchhiker is, in the majority of cases, female and the lift- giver male. Beardsley and Hankey's sample contained 4.

Baughman. Baughman's Type- and Motif- Index of the Folk Tales of England and North America (1. The driver asks person at the address about the rider, finds she has been dead for some time. Often, too, the ghost leaves some item such as a scarf or traveling bag in the car.). Christopher is considered one of these, and the story of Philip the Evangelist being transported by God after encountering the Ethiopian on the road (Acts 8: 2. Goss also examined some cases and attributed them to hallucination of the experiencer. Historical examples have their origin from folklore tales and urban legends. Modern cases often involve conflicting accounts that may well be the result of exaggeration, illusion or hoaxing.

On 1. 3 April that year, after a 4. Austrian police threatened a fine equivalent to . When safely aboard, he would confide details of the forthcoming Second Coming of Christ to his startled host(s). After revealing his insights, he would vanish from the moving car. The 'presentable young man' continued his excursions for over a year. The last reported sighting took place on 6 July 1. He assured his worried driver (and passengers, thus making this a multiple sighting) that it would 'never rain again' - before vanishing from the speeding car a moment or two later.

A named Arkansas State Trooper - Robert Rotten - later confirmed to the press (Indiana Star, 2. July 1. 98. 0) that they had logged two reports of this character's behaviour, but were unofficially aware of many more. At around the same time as the above prophetic hitchhiker, a second itinerant soothsayer was vanishing from cars around Interstate 5, between Tacoma, Washington, and Eugene, Oregon. Described as a 5. God and Salvation before vanishing from the car's cabin. Another witness had been warned to repent his (unspecified) sins, or die in a road accident.

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