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Frome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coordinates: 5. 1. Located at the eastern end of the Mendip Hills, the town is built on uneven high ground, and centres on the River Frome. The town is approximately 1. Bath, 4. 3 miles (6. Taunton and 1. 07 miles (1.

London. In the 2. The town is in the Mendip district of Somerset and is part of the parliamentary constituency of Somerton and Frome. In April 2. 01. 0 a large hoard of third- century Roman coins was unearthed in a field near the town. From AD 9. 50 to 1. Frome was larger than Bath and originally grew due to the wool and cloth industry. It later diversified into metal- working and printing, although these have declined.

The town was enlarged during the 2. The town has road and rail transport links and acts as an economic centre for the surrounding area. It also provides a centre for cultural and sporting activities, including the annual Frome Festival and Frome Museum. A number of notable individuals were born in, or have lived in, the town. In 2. 01. 4, Frome was called the .

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The remains of a villa were found in the village of Whatley, 3 miles (5 km) to the west of Frome. The hoard of 5. 2,5.

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July 2016 “It’s TRIM Time for Broward County Residents!” Dear Lori, We just bought a new home in Broward County. When does the Broward County Property Appraiser. Located at the eastern end of the Mendip Hills, the town is. Pasaulyje jau ne vienerius metus vyksta diskusijos d

AD and was found buried in a field near the town, in a jar 1. The find was the subject of a BBC TV programme Digging for Britain in August 2.

The name Frome comes from the Brythonic word *fr. Aldhelm in 6. 85 is the earliest evidence of Saxon occupation of Frome. Download Facebook Hack.Rar Free.

One of the first English Kings, Eadred (son of Edward the Elder), died in Frome on 2. November 9. 55. Over the following years, parts of the original manor were spun off as distinct manors; for example, one was owned by the minster, later passing to the Abbey at Cirencester, which others were leased by the Crown to important families. By the 1. 3th century, the Abbey had bought up some of the other manors (although it did let them out again) and was exploiting the profits from market and trade in the town. However, the Kyre Park Charters of Edward's reign note a Hugh, lord of Parva (or little) Frome, as well as other witnesses. Additionally, Henry VII did grant a charter to Edmund Leversedge, then lord of the manor, giving him the right to hold fairs on 2.

July and 2. 1 September. It comprises banks and outer ditches and has an unfinished bailey.

From 1. 66. 5 to 1. Trinity Street, occurred. She was subsequently tried and hanged. Ankarette's grandson Roger Twynyho received from Edward IV a full retrospective pardon for Ankarette, and the petition he submitted to the king in 1. Clarence which was ultimately not tolerated by the king. Large numbers of his army deserted during the few days he stayed in the town before his eventual defeat at the Battle of Sedgemoor.

By 1. 79. 1, the town was described in less flattering terms than those Defoe had used 7. These plans, the idea of a local businessman, Thomas Bunn, mostly failed to come to fruition, although some public buildings were erected and a wide new approach road to the town centre from the south was cut (named Bath Street after the landowner, Lord Bath of Longleat House).

A bell- foundry started in 1. William Cockey grew to be a major producer of components for the developing gas industry and employer of 8. The J W Singer brass foundry and bronze- casting works. They made brass ornaments for local churches and became known through the Oxford Movement within the Church of England which led to increasing demand for church ornaments. One of the first statues cast was a copy of General Gordon riding a camel. The firm was also responsible for the bronze statue of Boudica with her daughters in her war chariot (furnished with scythes after the Persian fashion), which was commissioned by Prince Albert and executed by Thomas Thornycroft. It was not cast in bronze until 1.

Thornycrofts death, and now stands next to Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, London. Pomeroy and cast by Singers. She holds a sword in her right hand and a pair of weighing scales in her left. The statue is popularly supposed to show blind Justice; however, the figure is not blindfolded. The statue of Alfred the Great at Winchester was a further commission.

Brewing was also a source of employment. Other industries such as printing, light engineering, metal casting, carpeting and dairying continued. Prior to 1. 97. 4 it was administered by Frome Urban District. At the last election in May 2. Liberal Democrats were elected in Frome East, Frome West and Frome North.

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