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Download Morgan Page Open Heart Mp3

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Download Morgan Page Open Heart Mp3

Free MP3 Audio Download - - News, Information, Music. NOTICE —. Out of necessity, I have had to divert time to some personal issues. I will return to posting as soon as I can.

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FREE AUDIO NEWS DOWNLOAD - MP3 clips, news interviews - the truth about what's going on in the world. Psiphon 3 Free Download For Windows 8 64 Bit.

In the meantime, you may find my list of best news podcasts helpful in hunting down good shows. Monitoring many podcasts with a free RSS reader like Feed. Demon makes finding good clips much easier. Thanks for your support. Israel's counterproductive approach to Iran; US support for illegal Israeli occupations; Ukraine and the West's broken promises to Russia; how US strategy created a world full of terrorists; after decades of the US boot on Cuba's throat, restoring ties is least we can do; as Venezuela struggles to fix economy, US should stop trying to undermine its government.

Go to page  . Funded by a combination of private and taxpayer money, it has killed millions of animals. Amy Atwood of the Center for Biological Diversity says the slaughter is done with little oversight or regard for humane practices, and is usually done in service of private business interests rather than ecosystem needs. Go to page  . Miguel Tinker Salas, author of several books on Venezuela, says the US has been engaged in a continual effort to destabilize Venezuela, from the 2. Hugo Chavez to funding of today's right- wing takeover efforts. He calls the efforts by Western mainstream media to paint Venezuela as a backward, anti- democratic nation are provably wrong, though he admits the government does need to reform in some areas, such as the fuel subsidy that puts gasoline at 1 cent a gallon. Go to page  . Journalist Bob Marshall recounts the history of the region. Topics include the dominance of the petroleum industry in the region; the 5.

Washington politics have proved to be a barrier to solutions. Go to page A  . Victor Pickard, author of America's Battle for Media Democracy, reviews the FCC's attitude towards and actions upon radio in that era, and explains today's parallels regarding the FCC and the internet. Go to page  . While often thought of as ancillary to the violence inflicted by bombs and bullets, wartime sounds, argues Martin Daughtry, can become indistinguishable from violence itself; they can enact permanent physical and psychological damage. Go to page  . In the second half, Max interviews David Graeber about his new book, The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy. They talk about the Sovietization of capitalism as more and more paperwork and contracts are required for even the simplest of financial exchanges. Max introduces the concept of a Fee- ocracy, which believes in the ideology of fee- ism, that spinning ever- more contracts and debt will make us all rich, as epitomized by the practice of Quantitative Easing, which is essentially printing paperwork.

Watch  . Topics include how the Swiss banking system is a publicly- owned system and why it survived the recent attack on its peg, as well as whether money- printing done for the public good can work better than money printing done for the banksters' good. Hunter predicts a bank holiday and bail- ins—where depositors hard- cash deposits' will be converted to shares in the bank—will come within Obama's remaining term and that a new war or some sort of false- flag asymmetric attack will likely be paired with the banking ripoff. He says the financial blow- up has not happened yet because TPTB have proven that they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to keep the system propped up. Go to page  . Mc. Pherson says current science is now showing that enough climate feedback loops have been triggered that we are in a runaway climate- change scenario, where nothing we may try to do can possibly reverse drastic temperature increases.

The heating of the planet over the next few decades—unprecedented on a geological time scale—will result in the loss of many species, including humans. His assertions have, of course, come under heavy criticism from many mainstream thinkers as well as some climate scientists. In this clip, Derek Jensen allows Mc. Pherson to lay out his basic case, and then starts hurling the zingers that have been voiced by critics, and allows Mc. Pherson to respond to the criticisms. Go to page  . The following is from the description on the You. Tube page:  : Thomas Bearden is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technologies, electromagnetic bio- effects, unified field theory concepts, and other related areas.

On June 1. 2th, 1. Adrien Mc. Naughton wandered away from his family at a lake in eastern Ontario and disappeared without a trace. In season one of SKS, host David Ridgen, who grew up in the area, goes back in a search for answers. Currentaffairsinformation.