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Download Malayalam Movie Veendum Lisa

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Download Malayalam Movie Veendum Lisa

Veendum Lisa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Veendum Lisa is 1.

Recent Searches in Check popular searches of the day and trending topics. Lisa is a 1978 Malayalam-language Indian film, directed by Baby (also known as A.G. Baby) and produced by Dhanya Productions. Considered one of the best horror and.

Malayalam horror film. It is a sequel to the 1. Lisa. Here they meet Saraswathi, the daughter of 'Late Shankara Iyer'of the Shreehari Madom family. Knowing about their past relationship with the Shreehari Madom family, Gomathi arranges for Saraswathi's marriage with her son Kalyan, who was a doctor. After the wedding, they decide to go to Ooty for their honeymoon. One day, Saraswathi happened to come across a picture of a girl in Kalyan's personal briefcase.

Download Malayalam Movie Veendum Lisa
  1. On the Internet, virtual hosting is the provision of Web server hosting facilities correspondingly that a company (or individual) doesn't have to attain and keep its.
  2. Veendum Lisa is 1987 Malayalam horror film. It is a sequel to the 1978 film Lisa.

On enquiry, he confessed that during his stay in London for his studies, he had met and fallen in love with a girl named Lisa. They had agreed to get married soon after his studies. But after he had left London, he never met her again. His parents disregarded the idea of their marriage because Lisa was an orphan and also a christian. Kalyan also said that since he was now with Saraswathi, he would never look at any other girl and would remove Lisa from his mind. Soon, there are drastic changes in Saraswathi's character. She starts behaving like a modern city girl and didn't pay any respect to her elders.

Shocked at this, Gomathi believes that Saraswathi might be possessed by an evil spirit. So she hires an exorcist to perform an exorcism. But it fails and Saraswathi starts behaving strangely again. During this time, three people were killed by an unknown force, which included Kalyan's best friend, Dr. Sharath, John Fernandes and his old mute servant, Parameshwara. At this point, Kalyan is now completely frustrated and beats his wife in order to remove the evil lurking within her.

To his horror, he finds out that the spirit was none other than Lisa herself. Through Saraswathi, Lisa explains that she had arrived to India after Kalyan had left London.

Eventually, she arrived at Ooty but did not find him. She met Sharath and John, who decided to give her temporary shelter till Kalyan came back. Eps File Preview Software Free Download. However, she was brutally raped and murdered by them along with Parameshwara. Then they burn her dead body to ashes.

Since then, she had been roaming in search of her killers. Through Saraswathi, she gained power and killed her killers one by one. She possessed Saraswathi because she wanted to be with her lover forever. But Kalyan convinces Lisa that if she loved him dearly, then she would have to leave Saraswathi's body and go to heaven. Lisa leaves Saraswathi without any hesitation and bids him a tearful goodbye before she left for her heavenly abode. The movie ends with the couple entering a cemetery and placing a bouquet of flowers at Lisa's grave.