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Download Facebook Videos Iphone 6

Nokia Care Suite Nokia Care Suite is an suite of tools by Nokia Care to check and repair. Free Studio Free Studio includes 48 applications for.

Facebook on the App Store. Only a few bugsby.

Download Facebook Videos Iphone 6

Bruce Hobbs. Facebook has been much improved on the i. Phone. It's good enough that my main complaints with Facebook have nothing to do with the app. It does appear to crash from time to time. Many times, when I go into the app, it looks the same as when I left it earlier.

At least once a day, it shows a blank screen and then goes through a sequence indicating that it's starting up after a crash. I can't tell if this is by design or not. I do have crash reporting turned on, so they'll get notified if it is, in fact, crashing.

This is now happening more often, sometimes when I'm typing a comment and leave to look something up. There is a significant flaw in the app. If someone certified makes a post, the white check mark in a blue circle does not appear like I think it should on the post. If someone takes a screen shot of a post, you can't tell right away if the poster is certified or not.

Download Facebook Videos Iphone 6

My biggest gripe with Facebook is the overemphasis on birthdays. I have enough friends that my News Feed is sometimes flooded with 4. I would like to tone this down to a one- line announcement. Suggested improvement: i. OS has a feature where the alphabet appears on the right side of the screen and you can tap a letter to go to the list starting with that letter. This is used in Contacts.

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I wish Facebook would use this for the Friends list so I don't have to scroll so much. Updated September 1. This new love reaction thing where the hearts burst is so cute. It makes me wanna play with it all day! One other thing that needs to be fixed is when someone accepts my friend request.

Facebook Platform helps developers build, grow and monetize their business.

When I click on the request tab where it has a list of friends and a notification who accepted your friend request, the notification is still up there when it should refresh to say 'No Friend Request' or whatever. This notification where the app says I recently saved something?

That needs to go away. I don't need a reminder of what I saved. I know what the heck I saved.. Sometimes you can't scroll the page with your 1 finger, however if you use 4 or 5 fingers it will scroll, then if you go back to one finger it usually resumes working. I've also had it where if you are scrolling your news feed you can scroll once, then it won't scroll, then it will, then it won't.. If you scroll with 4- 5 fingers sometimes this will return to normal too. Very weird, other than that everything else seems to work.

Update: this is not just the Facebook app, it's the Safari browser too. I will forward my issues to Apple.