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Digitalpersona Personal 4.0 Download

How to Fix Windows Installer Errors ?

How to Use a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader in Windows 7 (Digital. Persona Password Manager). If you have a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, Microsoft will tell you that it won't work with Windows 7. If you try to install the driver software anyway, Windows blocks it for . No one expects ancient devices to be supported by a manufacturer for eternity, but it's frustrating when Microsoft discontinues support for using its own devices with its own software.

A cynic might speculate that Microsoft is trying to cut corners on support costs and force users to buy new hardware with a policy of planned obsolescense. Based on how well the fingerprint reader works in Windows 7 despite Microsoft's insistence, there's certainly evidence for that perspective. This article refers only to the following hardware and software combination: Other similar fingerprint readers, like those built in to HP laptops, use different driver software and will not work with these instructions. This post refers only to Microsoft- branded devices. Instructions. Follow the steps below to install the Fingerprint Reader driver software on Windows 7 (3.

Download Digital. Persona Password Manager 2. Follow any of the download links below. I am including multiple links in case Microsoft removes the installer in the future (since the product itself has been discontinued). Run the installer (DPPM. You'll get an error message from the . We're going to have to bypass the PCA to get this installer to run.

Bypass PCAWe're going to disguise the identity of the installer so the PCA will allow it to run. How does Windows know in advance which programs might be incompatible? It contains a hard- coded list of ID numbers for programs that Microsoft or another manufacturer has flagged as potentially dangerous (either to your computer or to the company's profit margin). We can't modify that hard- coded list, but we can change the ID number that the installer reports to Windows. Find and copy the installer MSI file. When you ran the Digital.

Digitalpersona Personal 4.0 Download

Persona installer - - even though it did not fully launch - - it extracted another install file to your computer. The other install file is called WIS7. ECBBAB8. 6D8. 4A3. CDCAF9. 0E6. 3AFE. Locate the MSI file on your computer and copy it to your desktop (or another folder of your choice). You will be modifying this duplicate copy. Download and install Microsoft's Orca utility.

Free Download Link: http:// Home Page: http:// To my surprise this SmartPCFixer really.

Orca is a free utility distributed by Microsoft to make changes to MSI installer files. It's included as part of the Microsoft Windows SDK. Since the SDK is a huge download, it's easier to download Orca alone from one of these sources: orca. Download site #1 - Technipages)orca. Download site #2 - brentnorris. Download site #3 - Colligo)After downloading, double- click orca. Orca. If you prefer, you can also use an equivalent third- party tool like Inst.

Ed. However, the instructions that follow relate to Orca. Modify the MSI installer file with Orca. Find the Orca program in your Start menu and run the program.

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  • If you have a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader, Microsoft will tell you that it won't work with Windows 7. If you try to install the driver software anyway, Windows.
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In Orca, open the duplicate copy you made of the Digital. Persona MSI installer file (the one with the really long filename, not the orca. It will look like this. Atheros Ar9002wb-1Ng Wireless Network Adapter Driver Download For Win7. Find and click on the . The current value should be a long string of numbers and letters as shown in the picture above.

Double- click the value for the Product. Code property to edit it. Change the last letter . If you don't close Orca, you will not be able to proceed. That's all that is required; now that the installer has a slightly different product code, it will no longer match Windows' blacklist of dangerous programs.

Digitalpersona Personal 4.0 Download

Open the modified MSI installer file. Now find the Digital. Persona MSI installer file you just modified on your computer and double- click it to open it. You should no longer receive a PCA error box.

If you did, make sure you have closed Orca, make sure you are trying to run the correct file and double- check that you've completed these steps correctly. Complete the Digital. Persona installation. If you've followed the steps above, your Digital.

Persona installer is now running. Make sure your fingerprint reader is plugged in. Leave the installer running and do the following: Browse to the following folder in Windows Explorer: C: \Program Files\Digital. Persona\Bin. Right- click DPAgnt. The installer will ask to restart your computer; go ahead and allow it to restart Windows.

Make some post- install changes. Once Windows restarts, browse back to the C: \Program Files\Digital. Persona\Bin folder in Windows Explorer. Right- click DPAgnt.