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Darkness Radio Podcast Download

Darkness Radio Podcast Download

And although many of us are going to be feeling the after- effects for some time, I hope that in some small way this week's podcast helps to ease the mental pain, if not the physical.. Xairo's.. Track- listing: Daft Punk - Around The World (MAW Mellow Mix). Tracy Hamlin - Home (Extended Album Mix). The Journey Men - Hanlei - Feeling Myself (Original Mix). Tete de la Course - Something About This. Namy - Marc Evans - Reset (Opolopo Remix).

Listen to Darkness Radio episodes free, on demand. Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis examine everything paranormal on Twin Cities News Talk. Listen to over 65,000+ radio. Hacker Public Radio is an podcast that releases shows every weekday Monday through Friday. Our shows are produced by the community (you) and can be on any topic that.

Http:// Podcast: Play in new window Click here to listen to the most recent content as well as subscribe to the podcast feed. From www.SHATTER THE DARKNESS.NET Training courses live on line with work books and more. Messages, insight and hope for us in this 3rd millennium.

The Gene Dudley Group - Do the Cookie Dough Throw (Lay- Far Remix). Soulbridge feat. Dawn Souluvn Williams - My Incredible (Original Mix). Tony Momrelle - All The Things You Are (Louie Vega Remix). For Bae. Red. Soul - Born Again (Original Gospel Stomp!). Jiro - Fyuta Funk (Beats Intro). Part Time Heroes feat. Monday Michiru - You Don't Know.

Unfixed & Broken - Tight Control. Rachel Claudio - Gotcha (The Jaffers Old School Remix). Landslide & Don Freeman - Conundrum (Phil Asher Restless Soul Main Mix). Rhemi - Shake Your Body Down (Original Mix). Crackazat - What You're Feeling. SEL - Elevation (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Long Version Vocal Mix). Cafe 4. 32 feat. Miss Swaby - Spirit Free (Original Mix).

From the story of the red- headed giant in Kandahar, Afghanistan to strange animals at Plum Island, NY, and sex with reptilians? The Saturn Complex weaves itself into the dark threads of ancient rituals—- rituals that live in modern pop culture. Aug 6, 2. 01. 6FREEDOM OF JOYCE SHOW with Tere Joyce. Occult symbolism and the transhumanism programming in the new virtual Pokemon Go app with guest Randy Maugans (Off Planet Radio). Other topics of discussion are “Mandela effect” and the “Human Remembering” one of humanity’s most important subjects ever. Aug 6, 2. 01. 6Randy Maugans appeared on OYM Radio 0. Wide ranging conversation, topics include: Mandela Effect, Energies Hitting The Planet, Dolores Cannon, Second Planet, In ?

A New Deception to Lull Us Into.. Jul 3, 2. 01. 6Randy Maugans joins Thomas Williams and Chloe for a look into the world of “alternative media”. We discuss David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Alfred Lambremont Webre—and the ever- changing narratives that weave webs into the alt worlds of media. The “disappearing” of data, changes in personalities’ the burgeoning corporatization of once free and independent media. Jul 3, 2. 01. 6Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer with guest, Robert Phoenix.

FUTURE TALK. BOWIE AND PRINCE, DONALD TRUMP AND OBAMA; FROM NBA FINALS TO THE FINAL DAYS OF THE REPUBLIC with ROBERT PHOENIX. A TIME- CODED SHOW WITH LOTS OF PREDICTIONS AND PROBABILITIES. We discuss: the “two earths” theory (a/k/a- planetary ascension), life charting and the ages of personal shifts, blood- types, encounter with the paranormal, time/no time/no thought, and processing “truth”. I share some rare persona; photos. All part of the never- ending story. Jun 9, 2. 01. 6Musician, blogger, and true- heart empath, Shane Bales, joins us to “unravel” the deceits of alt- media; why we need to begin realizing our own destinies: “comparative realities”, the real art of manifestation. Noting that both of these “industries” are often vehicles for black agency recruiting into “Project Monarch” type projects, we move into Em’s disturbing memories and the sense she was “being used”.

Next Page: Podcast Summary. THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO with Russ Dizdar. THE VOICE OF SHATTER THE DARKNESS Home of Theology for the 3rd millennium Home of The Black Awakening. Many of us have a person from our past who’s broken our heart—personally, creatively, or professionally—and made us wonder what if. For Marc Maron, and countless.

May 2. 2, 2. 01. 6Author Cara St. Louis tracks the threads that weave a very different history: an INSERTED 1,0. YEAR narrative that was confabulated by overlaps, duplications, and textual manipulations and the revelation of the lost master race, The Phe (or Fae), which unlock the keys to our ancient wars. May 2. 2, 2. 01. 6We discuss (amongst other topics): disengaging the electronic matrix, grounding, the earth.

We call upon everyone to WAKE UP and do something. Feb 2. 8, 2. 01. 6Stand- up comedian, activist, performance artist, conscious experiencer, and talk show host, Tere Joyce, a/k/a, the Hollywood Hemptress, joins us to talk about the fringes of the entertainment industry, the conscious revolution, encounters with reptilians, and cannabis capers. Great fun. Feb 2. Corbin Motorcycle Driver Backrest on this page. Jim Condit, Jr. The schemes and machinations of computerized polling; the high stakes game of party politics; how Kabbalisitc Jewish interests infiltrate, influence, and dominate national interests in the the names of Corporatism and Big Banking. Feb 1. 4, 2. 01. 6Steven Sedlmayr is an engineer who invented the large flat- screen displays seen in sports arenas and stadiums.

When his wife declined to drink tap water he set about to develop a better distillation system, and in the process, discovered another “phase” of water that defied conventions. Watch as water mixes with oil! Feb 1. 3, 2. 01. 6James Mc.

Canney joins us to discuss: Oregon standoff and the murder of Lavoy Finicum by “Feds”, Restoring state citizens’ sovereignty, USA Babylon Captivity~The Flint, Michigan toxic water situation, and the Aqua. Cera water filters.~The Nazca and Palpa Lines Mystery Solved: Ancient offworld antenna array? Mc. Canney unlocks this ancient grid and revises human history.

Jan 1. 7, 2. 01. 6We talk with intuitive, clairvoyant, Hillary Raimo, in a wide ranging conversation on”alternative media”, the works of consciousness and spirituality, the law of attraction, sex, the sacred feminine, and the hidden meanings behind the Voynich Manuscript. Jan 1. 0, 2. 01. 62. Babylon Bankers’ bookeeping system turns another year of turmoil? Then Suz Pratt joins us to discuss variously, Ferguson, MO, life charting, manifesting scarabs, and healing generational wounds.