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2Manydjs Live Set Download

2Manydjs Live Set Download

As part of the voting process for our annual Top 100 Clubs poll, powered by Miller Genuine Draft, we asked you a bonus question in a bid to seek out The World’s No. Carl Cox b2b Joseph Capriati - Time Warp 2016 Carl Cox -- Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami (UMF 2015) Full Set.

Jersey Live - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jersey Live Music Festival (alternatively Jersey Live) is a music festival held annually at The Royal Jersey Showground in the parish of Trinity, Jersey since 2. Tickets for the performance are sold on the Jersey Live official website, and discounted tickets sites such as Viagogo . The festival now takes place over two days and has grown in size each year, with six stages featuring live music, DJs and as of 2. Jersey Live now has capacity for an attendance of 1. Free Download Verses For Christmas Cards. The organisers have expressed a desire to expand the capacity, and include on- site camping.

The other five stages are the Main Stage, Dance Stage, Family Field Stage, Hospitality Stage and Full Flow Locale DJ Tent. The festival has featured performances from a number of major stars of indie and dance music since 2. Paul Weller, The Prodigy, Kasabian, Dizzee Rascal and Chase & Status. The festival's line up is typically composed of established mainstream indie and dance acts on the Main and Dance stages, with up- and- coming artists of a wide range of genres spanning folk, hip- hop, punk, ska and reggae, as well as a number of local acts, making up the lineup elsewhere at the festival. Amongst the artists to have performed at Jersey Live in the early stages of their careers before going on to become considerably higher in profile, are Foals, Tinie Tempah, Jake Bugg, Ed Sheeran and Razorlight. Jersey Live has been described as . Bowman, along with Zane Lowe, hosted the Main Stage in 2.

Huw Stephens, Craig Charles and Mani of The Stone Roses, who have all acted as Main Stage compere at the festival. Jersey Live is attended by locals and visitors to the island, with non- locals accounting for a quarter of the attendance.

Jersey Live Music Festival (alternatively Jersey Live) is a music festival held annually at The Royal Jersey Showground in the parish of Trinity, Jersey since 2004. Buy tickets for an upcoming The Offspring concert near you. List of all The Offspring tickets and tour dates for 2016.

  1. LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has teamed up with 2ManyDJs and legendary audio engineer John Klett to build a monster 50,000-watt soundsystem called Despacio.
  2. Find out when Mew is next playing live near you. List of all Mew tour dates and concerts.
  3. Soulwax, composed of David Dewaele, Stephen Dewaele, Stefaan Van Leuven and Bent Van Looy, are an alternative rock/electronic band from Ghent, Belgium.

Party Ben - The Sixx Mixx. The Sixx Mixx was my LIVE 1. June 2. 7, 2. 00. Dec. In honor of its 1.

I'm remastering the original shows and posting them here as 3. Please e- mail me at partyben@yahoo. The mp. 3 files are tagged with the displayed artwork, date and episode title, as well as a full tracklisting in the . Olivia Newton John & John Travolta vs.

Pepper's Paradise (Jimmi Jammes)2. But since the show's ending was sorta sprung on me I didn't exactly have a ton of time to come up with a blockbuster finale. Anyway, as shows go, it ain't so bad, and those are some quality tracks, for sure, a well rounded list of some of the finest mashups of the era. An there you have it, that's it, no more mixxes. I did continue to produce intermittent half- hour shows for 9.

Sixx Mixxez; I'll look around the hard drive and if any seem to be worth posting I'll get them up. Coming soon I'll have Sixx Mixx Qualitative Analysis wherein I'll find out the songs, artists, and mashups played the most over the show's run. But for now, happy new year everybody. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 6/1. SIXX MIXX 1. 10 - 1. Right- click for remaster download: 7. MB mp. 3Listen: Sixx Mixx 1.

Christmas Edition. DJ John – The Christmas Massacre of Charlie Brown (Party Ben re- edit)2. DJ Riko featuring Marcy vs. White Stripes – My Chimney.

Jackson 5 – Here Comes Santa Claus. DJ Riko - Boogaloo and Holly (Frank Sinatra vs. Soulwax – Last Christmas. Derek B – Chillin' with Santa.

Run- DMC – Christmas in Hollis. J- Lo – Christmas on the Block (GHP mashup)9.

Mousse T – Horny Christmas (Loo & Placido mashup)1. Wayne Newton – Jingle Bell Hustle. The Singing Dogs - Jingle Bells. This is actually a more ambitious and dense episode than the 2. Christmas show, and a little less melancholy (no Low here). So, happy holidays, everybody. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 6/1.

SIXX MIXX 1. 09 - 1. Artwork: Henri Matisse, .

Lady Sovereign – Random. Nine Inch Nails – Superonly (Fettdog mashup)3. Led Snooppelin – Drop it Like It's Love (Party Ben mashup)4.

Super Mario Brothers vs. MIA – Supergalangalang (cry. The Beastles – I Feel Fine Right Now (DJ BC mashup)6.

Nelly – Sweet Home Country Grammar (Mei- Lwun mashup)7. Beck – Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes remix by 8- Bit)8. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Galvanize Around the World (Party Ben mashup)9. Digital Underground – Humpty Stroke (Party Ben mashup)1.

Siouxsie & the Banshees vs. Out. Kast – Unknown Title (El Mannion mashup)1. Happy Mondays – Step On.

Run DMC – Peter Piper. DJ Riko – The Whistle Song.

Olivia Newton John & John Travolta vs. Dre & Snoop Dog - You're the One that I Want in the Next Episode (Disfunctional DJ mashup)Commentary: Another Metreon/Basic Project Dancers episode, and with the insanity of the holidays and our annual Christmas concert I guess I didn't really have time for a totally from scratch new episode, but this is still a bit of fun, with a surprisingly excellent of the long- forgotten Sandstorm with NIN, my why- didn't- I- release- it Humpty Stroke, and a fun little Happy Mondays section from Episode 7. The show is mostly notable for the first appearance of the legendary Grease/Snoop mashup that was LIVE 1.

Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 5/1. SIXX MIXX 1. 08 - 1. Right- click for remaster download: 7. MB mp. 3Listen: Right- click for download of broadcast version: 3. MB mp. 3Sixx Mixx 1.

Sixx Mixx With a Baseball Bat Edition. Eric B & Rakim vs. The White Stripes - Black Doorbell (DJ Zebra mashup)3. Amerie - One Thing 2 Float On (Tasha mashup)4. Beck - Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine Ad Rock remix)5.

Gorillaz - Dare (JRSNCHZ remix)6. Gorillaz - Dare (Dave Aude remix)7. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To (Max Tundra remix)8. Trans- X - Lovemakers on Video (Matt Hite mashup)9. Dire Straits - Money for Dooms Night (Lionel Vinyl mashup)1. Green Day - Just Can't Get Enough September (Party Ben mashup, inspired by Team. The White Stripes - Voodoo Stripes (DJ Zebra mashup)1.

Freestyle - Don't Stop the Rock.

The Offspring Tickets, Tour Dates 2. Concerts . In 1. 98. The Offspring, A string of independent releases followed, with the band slowly gaining a footing in the West Coast punk scene.

Their self- titled debut appeared in 1. Yet with their second record, .

By 1. 99. 4, fortunes were abut to change dramatically for The Offspring, with the release of their third album, . Taking their cues from Nirvana and their quiet/loud dynamics, The Offspring found a string of singles make their way to chart success, with .

After two years, the band caved and decided to join major label Columbia Records, a move that caused controversy amongst punk fans, garnering accusations of selling out. Regardless, their third album, . Subsequently, they embarked on international tours during which they found legions of fans across several continents. In 2. 00. 5, a Greatest Hits was released, featuring new music in the single, . Still hard at work over twenty years into their career.

Mew Tour Dates, Concerts & Tickets . The last time they played in Paris was in 2. La Maroquinerie, a similarly small venue but without Johan who hadn't yet rejoined the band.

Back then they had their traditional video backdrops with the cat playing the violin and children singing on . Before the gig I spotted the members coming and going or staring out at the abandoned train tracks behind the artists' zone terrace . Mew just aren't huge in France, for what reason I can't say. I'm so glad they made the effort to come, and wish they had a bigger following over here. The place wasn't even sold out.

It seemed like most people weren't French but Scandinavian, Scottish, British, Australian. Only the support band was French, and very French at that. There was still light coming in from the big windows as Mew started.

From the beginning the sound was huge, much more powerful than what I remembered from 2. The bass and drums were much tighter and almost front- stage, Johan and Silas forming a tight unit, with Bo taking care of the deconstructive qualities of the music. The new songs felt the same as on the album: at once immediately accessible and inherently weird.

Which is, I guess, Mew's essence when they're at their best. The set was about 1: 2. I hadn't heard in years .

Overall a fantastic concert with the best from the last album and highlights from the previous one (. I wasn't expecting to hear . It seemed to me that Jonas' voice has never sounded better. He hits high and low octaves effortlessly, looking relaxed and serene, more so than last time.

Silas' drumming is so efficient, at once violent and tense and alive with genuine musicality. Johan is perfectly at ease both playing and singing, still the band's rockstar element but less Peter Hook and more hip with a more deliberate beard, tattoos and glasses. Bo, as always, is too hard to describe as a character, other than he comes across as someone whose presence and Scandinavian humor you can only enjoy.

To conclude: a wonderful concert that exceeded all my expectations. The only bittersweet element is that they deserve much more success in this country and might not be back for another six years. Hopefully this will turn around with the new album and the future prospects of the band: judging from this concert, their focus is at its top level. Read more. Report as inappropriate.